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Rosanne Ledet
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Fondly known as Rosie by her friends and family, Rosanne was born on May 12, 1982, at Louisiana. An only child to her parents, she took to music when she was only six years old. Remembering lyrics to folk songs, playing the banjo and organ came easily to her. Attracted to rock music, she started singing and performing rather early in life. It is no wonder then, that by the age of 15, Rosie was so good at music and dance that she would be called for many performances at school and in her district too.

She grew fascinated with Creole music at the time. Dressed in a Creole costume, she remembers singing many songs. In fact, at one of the performances with a co-singer, she remembers how the other singer stepped aside, for the limelight to fall on her. The hall thundered with applause for her song. Since then there was no looking back for Rosanne, who went from one performance to another, singing Creole with ease and beauty.

Life doesn’t go as smoothly as one would like it, and there was a testing phase in Rosie’s life too. A road accident at the age of 20, left her bedridden for a couple of months. ‘It was music that kept me company during the darkest days of my life’, she shares. And so, after she recovered, both physically and mentally, she decided to take the message of music to as many people as possible during her lifetime. Since then, Rosie has performed in many shows, both in Louisiana and other cities.


She has travelled the world, visiting countries like Australia, New Zealand, Europe, India and Zambia, taking the message of joy through her music. Having performed at many heritage festivals, she was soon recording songs to be compiled into albums. Her first album ‘Canvas of the Soul’ was released in 2002, and brought a mix of ten peppy and soulful numbers.

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She was awarded the ‘Best debut artist of the year’ award by Musicage Magazine, and grew to fame quickly. She released her second album in 2003, calling it the ‘Beat of the Heart’ which brought with it heart rendering numbers. This was closely followed by her third and fourth albums released in 2004. These featured her collaborations with other artists as well. In 2005, she released her sixth album, which has increased her ever growing popularity, as more parts of the world connect to her beautiful music. Having won many a hearts with her soulful lyrics and melodious tunes, it comes as no surprise that Rosie has won many awards too. These include, Louisiana best singer award 2005 Louisiana Creole star award 2006 Best artist in vocal music award 2010, New York Chicago Best of the Beat award 2011, by Off Beat Magazine Triumph over vocal award 2012, Musicage Magazine, New Orleans And many others