Rosanne Ledet

Tour details

Rosanne Ledet tours internationally for six months, between January to May. From June onwards, her tours are more domestic, as she visits places within the country and around. Her tour schedule is posted here and updated regularly. However, if you’d like to get the details of her programs around the world in your inbox, do write in to us. A mailer will be sent to you with updates on whenever new schedules are announced. Details on ticket purchases, such as venues and links, are also provided here.


Creole Music Tour

This music tour will be taking place across the destinations of New York, Chicago, Boston, Wisconsin and California. Week long events in each city have been planned, and would have 2 shows by Rosie as well. The dates of her shows in these cities have been given below. New York July 8, 10 Chicago July 14, 15 Boston July 17, 18 Wisconsin July 25, 26 California August 3, 4 Tickets for the shows can be purchased at or at one of the outlets mentioned on the site.


Fire and Ice

Many artists will come together to bring music across genres for the audience. Held at the Great hall, Louisiana, this show is open for everyone. Tickets can be reserved at the great hall. On spot ticket sales can be made. However those wishing to avoid last minute rush can pick their tickets at the given list of outlets.