Rosanne Ledet

Fans Speak

Her listeners and the people who love her, hold the highest regard for Rosie. In fact, as she often says, it is the love of people from across the world, that has made her come this far. Even during her darkest and most trying days, it was the many letters, mails and messages of her fans, that have kept her going. This space is dedicated just for them, and showcases the many messages that Rosie has received over the years. While it is difficult to catalogue all of them, the process is on. What has however been achieved is the putting together of the most cherished messages Rosie has received. If you too have been trying to reach her, do send in your message too.


A discussion forum has also been made available on the site, to allow fans to hold discussions. This could range on any topic related to Creole music, the songs fans love or on aspects they’d like to know about Rosie and her music. While her busy schedule does not allow her time to constantly keep in touch, Rosie does make it a point to go through the moderated chat forums, and talk to her fans. Dedications of songs, details, back stories, and interesting anecdotes from her many tours can also be found here.